Gbots are the next generation in remote facility equipment maintenance, as the world now goes towards complete system automation, there is still a lack of non-human based complex commissioning and this renders the entire system deficient of high performance and service minimal downtime. For many years agent technology is considered the most innovative methods to develop a distributed intelligent system on the network. “Autonomous agents are computational systems that inhabit some complex dynamic environment; sense and act autonomously in this environment and by doing so realize set of goals or task for which they are designed” (Maes and Pattie, 2005).  


Gbots are intelligent, autonomous and cognitive software agents which are distributed via the Galaxy platform to maintain optimize and act on demand on equipments worldwide. Gbots are a new paradigm in cloud computing whereby the specialized smart agents will be available as a BaaS (Bots as a Service) on a large scale to be dispersed and utilized for diverse tasks across the world.

Galaxy will infuse intelligence onto the Gbots and leveraging its networks; the Bots will permeate into any required geographic destination and will be capable of making intelligent decisions and actions. This action renders the entire process of system support real time and automated.

This technology from Pacific Controls marks the transition from using agents for time consuming repetitive work to utilizing them for intelligent and complex labor. Utilizing Gbots for end to end facility management also moves away from the pedestrian goal or task directed behavior to an environment sensing reactive behavior.

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