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Pacific Controls helps high-rise buildings to reduce energy use

Along with etisalat, it is helming the Emirates Energy Star Programme

Pacific Controls helps high-rise buildings to reduce energy use

Mar 30 2012, Dubai: Another 99,992 properties to do. But you won't have Sougata Nandi, CEO of Pacific Controls, breaking into a cold sweat over these targets.

His company along with etisalat, is helming the Emirates Energy Star Programme, which will provide a centralised off-site management of the energy consumption across properties in the UAE. The intention is to optimally utilise the legacy equipment installed in these buildings and thus achieve energy cost savings for the properties and their landlords.

As of now, eight properties in different emirates — including one under the Ministry of Public Works — has been brought on board the Energy Star Programme, which was launched in December. (None of these properties is residential or operated as a hotel.)

The promoters plan to achieve around 50 per cent coverage of the 100,000 properties within the next three years or so.

"I don't foresee a great degree of difficulty in meeting the forecasts," said Nandi. "At this point of time we are going building by building… but the idea is to scale that to organisational levels or even at the city level.

"On the residential side, connectivity depends on the kind of property. If it's a villa complex, the programme can technically be applied, but will not be commercially feasible. We are in active talks with landlords owning residential towers on Shaikh Zayed Road. Getting some of them on board will gain us momentum.

"We know who the big developers are; the ones who have assets of 1,000 to 2,000 buildings. We do a proof-of-concept for them and roll it entirely. That's the whole approach.

"The primary savings that we are looking at is the kilowatt hour of electricity consumption. The moment you reduce that, automatically you are saving on costs."

Where the programme has a relatively easy path is that it relies on existing equipment within the buildings, irrespective of the age of the property. "With us managing them, energy consumption levels would automatically reduce by 20 to 30 per cent," said Nandi.

"Let's say a customer has 200 facilities. Then the savings run into the millions. If iibly