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The middle bots will stitch the communication between multiple agents in often dynamic environments

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Multiple kinds or flavors of Gbots will be available to suit specific requirements. Depending on the nature of the task, the kind of equipment, complexity of the task, Galaxy will choose or create a bot and launch it into the exact location.

  • Interface Gbots
  • Middle Gbots
  • Personal Gbots
  • Housekeeping Gbots
  • FDD Gbots
  • Information Gbots
  • Compliance Gbots
  • Data Mining Gbots

Interface Gbots: These agents will primarily be responsible to interact with the user to understand and convey the task requirements to the task Bots.

Middle Gbots: The middle bots will stitch the communication between multiple agents in often dynamic environments. Personal Bots: The personal agents will be at all times available to the user for simple tasks and operations. These bots will also be capable of monitoring critical events and information on the user’s behalf and report back on the necessary dynamics of it.

Housekeeping Gbots: These Gbots are designed to carry out simple but critical maintenance tasks to ensure network optimization and high system performance. These Bots will be capable of managing memory usage, threat detection, and tweaking the system to ensure minimal downtime.

FDD Gbots: Complete facility management comes with a plethora of equipment faults and often requires a large team to ensure these processes are kept to standard working conditions. With the agents, one can dispatch them to perform intelligent diagnostics and also take action to correct the fault and bring the equipment into standard. The process of agentification will ensure multiple Bots are available for different kinds of equipment and also for varying complexity of faults.

Information Gbots: As by their title, these are highly efficient agents which can be used to bring precise information as per the requirement of the user. This information can be diverse ranging from real time specific parameter of high value machinery to dynamic value of the users financial portfolio.

Compliance Gbots: International standards from r dPersoxOirtfolio. i also