Gbots engage in complex and frequent patterns of two-way communication

Features of Gbots

Gbots are computer programs which have the ability to run autonomously, sensing and acting on dynamic conditions. They require being self-contained with data structures, methods, and interfaces necessary to interact with the operating environment which is usually layered above the operating system.

Gbots possess many distinguishing properties, some of them are:

  • Communication: Gbots engage in complex and frequent patterns of two-way communication with users and each other
  • Temporal continuity: Gbots are usually considered as continuously running programs, rather than functions that map a single input & output
  • Responsibility: Gbots are expected to manage and deal with private information in a responsible and secure process.
  • Robustness: Gbots are required to deal with sudden changes in their environment. They are designed to recover from system and human errors. If the error’s magnitude prevents a task completion, the agent will report the problem to the user.
  • Multi-platform: Gbots are required to perform across platforms. If required they will communicate and co-operate with other Gbots in other platforms of varied sophistication to complete the task.
  • Autonomy: High end Gbots will have a level of decision making capability and analyzing multiple strategies for performing a given task.
  • Proactive: Gbots will not simply act in response to their environment, they will exhibit.
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