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Pike Research US based market research & consulting firm forecasts Pacific Controls as one of the top 18 Key Industry Players that includes IBM, Siemens AG, Schneider Electric SA, Trane, JLL& Johnson Controls for Smart Building Managed Services globally.
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Smart Building Managed Services

Pike Research US based market research & consulting firm forecasts Pacific Controls

Software as a Service plus Energy Management/NOC Services and On-Site Installation & Maintenance Services for Commercial Buildings: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

New technologies and innovations are changing the building landscape and making smartbuildings more efficient. In particular, the adoption of sophisticated energy management systems in commercial buildings has been proven to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The ability of these systems to process and analyze huge volumes of energy-related data has shifted the way buildings are designed, built, and operated, but it has also proven challenging for the people who operate buildings on a daily basis. Recent economic conditions have caused building owners to cut back on both the numbers and types of personnel that they hire, shifting operational priorities from efficiency generating projects to those that are an absolute necessity for the daily maintenance of the building. Under these conditions, building energy management systems become an afterthought, inhibiting their true value and limiting their potential return on investment.

Smart building managed service providers have stepped to the fore to address these challenges for building owners and managers. These managed service vendors work closely with clients, effectively becoming an extension of the building’s own staff. The competitive landscape for smart building managed services is evolving at a quick pace driven by new technologies, big data, and a wide variety of service models. Large established market players and OEMs such as Johnson Controls, Siemens, and Schneider Electric have a strong foothold in managed services. More focused companies such as Ecova and Pacific Controls have leveraged their independence from the larger OEMs to build strong relationships with their clients, while large IT companies such as IBM and HP have become strong competitors as well.

This Pike Research report examines the global smart building managed services market trends, along with opportunities and challenges, business strategies, and key industry players. The report examines the technology issues in the smart building managed services market and includes profiles of 18 vendors. Market forecasts include total market growth from 2012 through 2020, market share and growth rate comparisons, and projections for five world regions.

Competitive Landscape

Pike Research US based market research & consulting firm forecasts Pacific Controls

The current SBMS market has very few players that could be considered purely managedservice providers. Some of the strongest competitors are the large original equipmentmanufacturers (OEMs), including Johnson Controls, Siemens, and Schneider Electric; thesecompanies provide a wide variety of products and services in many different areas. With globalreach, these companies have the market presence, brand recognition, and infrastructurenecessary to have a significant edge on the competition in the SBMS market. Two notablecompanies competing in the SBMS market are Ecova and Pacific Controls. Both havedeveloped significant technology infrastructures targeted at a service-oriented approach rightfrom the beginning. Ecova has made many strategic acquisitions throughout its history andextended its capabilities as well as its market reach. It serves both utility and commercialcustomers, githe markee markee markee markee ehisll, and inf