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Gbots- the next generation in remote facility equipment maintenance.

Embedded M2M Solutions - PCI Talks Embedded M2M Solutions and Sprint Partnership with TMCnet
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United States, June 20, 2011: Pacific Control Inc. (PCI (News - Alert)), one of the leading information and communication technology (ICT) providers, is certainly no stranger to the embedded M2M solutions space.

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Since its inception, PCI has honed its integrated managed solution platform "Galaxy" and “Gbots,” its software robots deployed across networks to connect smart devices, buildings and whole cities wirelessly to IT infrastructure and enterprise systems for real-time delivery of managed services. Moreover, the company has made its dent in three primary M2M segments: managed facility automation and infrastructure solutions (automation); remote monitoring and management solutions (“RMMS”); and managed energy services (“MES”).

“We at PCI believe that the products and solutions of Pacific Controls are way ahead of the market,” Beena Abraham, director operations at PCI, told TMCnet in a recent interview. “Our Galaxy platform is the only one of its kind that can deliver managed services on the cloud and our Gbots are the virtual robots that can deliver unique managed services. These products will change the way business is done globally in the arena of managed services.”

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“The concept of delivering information communication technology (ICT) for sustainable development has been the inspiration behind founding of Pacific Controls,” Abraham added as to why PCI was founded. “The mission of Pacific Controls is to promote innovations, enabling sustainable development in the world. The world is challenged by climate change, biodiversity loss, abject poverty and environmental degradation. ICT enabled sustainable development is the only way we can make a difference.”

Over the years, PCI has invested “aggressively” in creating technologies for “smart systems,” including unified communications, embedded systems and network enablement tools, virtualization technologies, applications and software infrastructure, accor